Perfect Puppy

Our Perfect Puppy package is designed to ensure you choose the right dog for your family. This package will provide the best start for your puppy so it can grow into a happy, confident, well behaved and contented dog.

There are many important questions to ask the breeder/rescue centre before you consider choosing a breed that is right for you. It is vitally important, that by asking questions you seek out a responsible and professional breeder; as the time your puppy spends with the breeder can have long lasting effects on its behaviour and wellbeing. If the breeder provides the right upbringing and basic training you should have a well adjusted dog.

We can also help you with the questions you need to put to any prospective breeder and offer advice on what you should expect from a breeders premises.

We advise on how to prepare your home for the new puppy and the mental stimulation it will need during the time it is confined to the home space before final vaccinations.

This package includes 8 weeks of puppy training classes which will provide the basic training your puppy needs to become a well rounded dog in the long term.

The correct advice and training at this stage sets you up to produce the dog you always wanted.